Sematic elevator door

  • The possibility of customizing the width of the opening and the height of the entrance

  • Automatic obstacle detection and notification to the elevator control panel

  • Adjusting the force of the door when hitting an obstacle

  • Slow motion when opening and closing the bow and lock


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Fully automatic and semi-automatic doors produced by Hariri Industrial Group, 

Simatic 2000  by contacting the Simataksun sales unit or sending a ticket from the menu

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Fully automatic floor door of Hariri elevator

  • Head of steel sheet with internal reinforcement

  • Upper, lower and side L-shaped packages with bolts and nuts for door installation

  • Aluminum roof and footrest

  • Steel safety reel for fire protection

  • Emergency lock opener built into the top of the door
  • Standard bolted column
  • Steel protective tab at the top and bottom to prevent the door from falling into the well
    The doors of Simatexan silk elevator factories group can be customized and add other facilities as well:
  • Steel, bronze and steel flood
  • Electrostatic powder colors chosen by the customer
  • Steel covering of door and frame with different colors, designs and materials (mirror, scratched, etc.)
  • Metal caps to cover the elevator mechanism
  • In order to get the price of Simatic door and silk elevator door products of Simatexan company, you can contact the sales unit of Bama silk door contact menu or contact through the support menu