What is the necessity of elevator renovation?

Today, all mechanical and electronic devices need to be rebuilt, renovated and overhauled in order to maintain their efficiency. The elevator is the only means of transportation used by all age groups and the most common means of vertical movement in the world. Due to the fact that the equipment and parts used in the elevator have a special useful life. It is obvious that if the best and most modern parts are used, even with a service and maintenance plan, the equipment will be out of optimal conditions and their useful life will end. If we consider individuals and companies with old systems, we find out the poor     condition of the elevators

Elevators are one of the expensive equipments that are installed in buildings, so it is not easily possible to replace them (both operationally and economically). So its optimization and reconstruction can be useful in this field
Guarantee of safety and peace: The elevator is one of the vehicles that the passenger can command and its control and stopping is done by a system, and the passenger has no role in stopping it. Therefore, it must be safe, efficient and reliable. Old elevators generally lack beauty and comfort in terms of appearance and sometimes lack safety from a technical point of view, so renovation can create the possibility for the users of this device to have a better experience in terms of safety and health, and this also reduces the costs of renovation. justifies

A complete elevator must have three important features: Safety (setting control parameters with sample test confirmations)Reliability (design and engineering of manufacturing parts and equipment in accordance with EN-81 standards and national building regulations)How to function (how to install and assemble parts that are not only comfortable, but also beaut)

Therefore, the renovation of the elevator with small changes in the elevator system equips them with the most modern equipment and gives peace, security and beauty to its users


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